New Look for a New Year
Emerald Hallway and Ballroom Lobby

Emerald HallwayWorkers install Ansel Adams photography in the Emerald Hallway

Guests are welcomed into the Emerald Hallway grand entrance of the Student Center with an all new aesthetic.

We’ve replaced the tired berber carpeting with attractive two-toned hickory and pecan interlocking vinyl planks. This classic wood-floor look is carried throughout the entryway down to the Pacific Ballroom lobby.

The entryway is lined with traditional wainscot in an elegant whisper white to accent a vast expanse of blue silver storm walls trimmed in silver. This palette accentuates the the black and white photography of Ansel Adams—a collection of thirteen images of UC campuses from the sixties with blue matting and silver frames.

The new look is finished with soft white lighting sconces and stylish tall, biconcaved-shaped planters in black.

Monday, October 30, 2017